Staffordshire County Council Children's Social Care Careers

Our Support

We pride ourselves on the support given to our social work teams through a range of professional development opportunities and by supporting mental wellness and the opportunity for a healthy work-life balance.

Professional Development

In Staffordshire, we’re investing in social work at all levels, running Step Up to Social Work and Frontline graduate programmes to encourage the next generation of social workers whilst working with the West Midlands Teaching Partnership to support the ongoing development of those already practicing.

Our professional development offer has been carefully crafted to allow our social workers to fulfil the expectations of their profession, meet the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) descriptors and Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) requirements of practice at each relevant stage.

As part of this, we can offer funding and/or flexible working arrangements to support the achievement of recognised qualifications including a:

  • Post-Qualified Graduate Certificate in Social Work Practice
  • Graduate Certificate in Practice Assessment
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Post Qualified Social Work Practice
  • MA in Post-Qualified Social Work Practice

Space for practice reflection

Supervision is a vital part of day-to-day social work practice in Staffordshire.

It provides the space to improve what we through reflection and learning from others – this is why we currently support our social work teams to use one-to-one and group supervision.

Mental wellness

Social work can be a challenge both professionally and personally.

We recognise this and as part of Staffordshire’s MindKind approach, we have recruited over 70 colleagues who are training as Mental Health First Aiders to support colleagues to maintain good mental health.

County council colleagues, including social work teams, can also access professional counselling support through our ThinkWell service.

Work life balance

Across the county council, we’re encouraging colleagues to make use of new tech to help them do their jobs and to enjoy a better work-life balance.

Our social work teams have tablets and smartphones to allow them to work more flexibility and whilst outside the office.

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